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Who are we?

HANVON C-PEN Technology Co., Ltd. (Referred to as HANVON C-PEN) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HANWANG Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code:002362). HANVON C-PEN dedicate itself to stylus technology and related products research. The company owns dozens of capacitance stylus related patents. HANVON C-PEN is a director of the USI(the Universal Stylus Initiative). Parts of the patents are adopted by the USI standard. The R&D team in HANVON C-PEN are composed of the original core stylus R&D team in HANWANG Technology Co., Ltd. which has rich experience in product design and engineering services. HANVON C-PEN unites numerous touch chip manufacturers and all kinds of Handwriting software providers, leads international standard, and provides the best quality products and services to our customers.

Company Advantage

-Listed companies in China (002362)

-25 years to focus on pens, pen end users over 200 million, is well-known brands at home and abroad

-Strong handwriting software and drive customization capability. The well-known software company, handwriting software license in more than 18 million years of net profit

-Many patents (currently 196 patents, second in the world), research and development for more than 20 years without interruption

-Supply cycle is short, quality and after-sale guarantee. Have regular fixed production units, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanvon manufacturing (Yanjiao) and flexible outsourcing processing capacity

-Technical ability and height are good. The Microsoft agreement pen strategic partner; USI Global Active capacitance pen standard board members (two-way transmission of the most critical and most basic patents by Hanvon)

Company Aim

Concentrate on “PEN” business,Become the best supplier of C-Touch Pen within 3–5 years 。

Enterprise Culture

Enjoyable Life,Amusing Working
Professional,Dedicated,Honestly Service