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Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd.(Hanvon) was founded in 1998, is the world's leading intelligent interactive products and technology providers. Hanvon has four core
technologies – Handwriting Recognition Technology, Optical Character Recognition
Technology(OCR), Biometric Recognition Technology &Electromagnetic Resonance
Touch(ERT) Technology. Over the years,  Hanvon takes the leading position in the pattern recognition field of Handwriting Recognition, Optical Character Recognition(OCR),Fingerprint
Recognition, etc. through constant innovation. The handwriting Recognition Technology and OCR respectively won the National Scientific and Technological Progress first prize and
second prize. Havon is one of the few High-tech enterprises which has a number of independent intellectual property rights and masters the core technology. The company successfully landed A-stock market in March 2010.
        Hanvon C-PEN Technology Co., Ltd. (Referred to as Hanvon C-PEN) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code:002362).
        Hanvon C-PEN dedicate itself to stylus technology and related products research. The company
owns dozens of capacitance stylus related patents. Hanvon C-PEN is a director of the USI(the Universal Stylus Initiative). Parts of the patents are adopted by the USI standard.
The R&D team in Hanvon C-PEN are composed of the original core stylus R&D team in Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. which has rich experience in product design and engineering services. Hanvon C-PEN unites numerous touch chip manufacturers and all kinds of
Handwriting software providers, leads international standard, and provides the best quality products and services to our customers.
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