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Capacitive Touch Pen Technology

The Capacitive Touch Pen Technology(C-Pen Technology) can be used directly on Capacitive Touch Screen. The device can add writing function with a Capacitive Touch Screen and without any additional circuits or structures. Because of the advantage and the popularity of the Capacitive Touch Screen, the C-Pen technology is gradually developing as the mainstream technology of Digital Pen. The traditional C-Pen simply simulates the characteristics of fingers and cannot be referred as "Pen". The current C-Pen more is said the Active C-Pen. The Active C-Pen has the advantage of a thin nib and high precision; Its pressure sensing property can simulates the width and the color depth of handwriting; Also, because of its no-touch induction( Hovering function), it can replace parts of the function of a mouse; Its angle detect technology(Tilt function) can meet the special requirements of the painting. The Active C-Pen itself has power and can enrich the function of C-Pen constantly such as adding several function keys, adding data transmission and middle & long-distance control of the bluetooth, simulating the eraser on the pencil, and so on.
The Active C-Pen nowadays is developing rapidly. The mainstream standards, "USI Ver1.0", with more manufactures participate in setting, is about to be published. Some other influential manufactures such as Microsoft and Apple are also setting their own standards. The differences mainly focus on orientation and data transmission. It is not the so-called "high-tech". With the growth of the market share, they will meet the unity from compatibility.
The demanding manufactures pay attention to more new functions besides the performance of the C-Pen. Those manufactures who provides products with good performance and special functions will lead the trend.

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